A vaccination against life

The measles vaccination in Kenya is nearing its end. 19 million children are being targeted over the nine-day drive. Furthermore, a third dose of a controversial tetanus vaccine was to be administered to girls and women aged between 14 and 49 years in specific parts of the country. The intention is to lay the ground for another vaccination campaign next year, against Measles-Rubella, following WHO recommendations.

An association of Kenyan doctors has called into question the intentions and the legitimacy of the vaccines. The doctors say most Kenyans received the last measles jab at 9 months of age, as is standard practice, and are still fine to date. Something would have to have changed dramatically to warrant a change in the vaccination schedule.

In 2014, as the tetanus vaccination campaign kicked off, the same association of doctors called it into question, founded on the fear that the vaccines were laced with Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG), a contraceptive hormone developed by the WHO in 1992. The red flag was occasioned by the demographic segment targeted (women of childbearing age), the schedule of vaccination and the involvement of the WHO and UNICEF.

Back then these doctors were castigated, not so much for the questions they raised, but for the fact that they were Catholic and were advising the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB) on the matter, never mind that the Catholic Church runs the country’s largest network of healthcare facilities, and so is a worthy stakeholder in the field. The doctors subsequently used their own means, after the government refused to cooperate, to obtain samples of the vaccine and have them tested abroad. The results vindicated their warnings. The vaccine did contain the contraceptive hormone.

That vaccines can and have been used for mass sterilisations is not news anymore. Similar cases have been witnessed in Mexico (1993), Nicaragua (1994), the Philippines (1994) and other places. Influential anti-population thinkers and activists like Bill Gates have openly sanctioned the hideous practice. To deny even the possibility of this, as many people have, is naïve wishful thinking and a callous abdication of moral and civic responsibilities.

The Kenyan government did nothing to address these concerns and went on with the vaccination campaign, which is now headed to the third dose of five. To date, the government has not informed the women receiving the vaccines that they have a contraceptive effect. The only assurance it has given of the safety of the vaccines is that WHO and UNICEF have endorsed it, which is hardly an assurance, as these same organisations were involved in the aforementioned Latin American cases.

What we have here is a government carrying out a mass sterilization campaign, pushed and funded by an international coalition that has made clear its intention to cut down the global population, ostensibly under the innocent pretext of immunizing its people against diseases they have already been immunized against. There are only two possibilities here: either the government is being strong-armed into carrying out the campaign, or it is run by intellectual dwarves. The only other possibility is that both are true.

Across the West, populations are shrinking, clearly due to the success of campaigns aimed precisely at this. The result is that societies are crumbling from within, children are hard to come by, the old are becoming a dispensable burden, and political correctness is praised as open-mindedness.

As the Latin saying goes “abyssus abyssum invocat.” One depth calls to another. Each problem solved by another problem gives rise to another that, if solved by a problem, will only call for yet another. Stop-gap measures that do not acknowledge actual issues are causing the West to drive itself aground.

Whoever wishes this for Kenya, and Africa, might claim to, but certainly does not, have the continent’s best interests at heart. All this leads one to ask: what is it that would motivate an organisation entrusted with the common good, like the WHO and UNICEF, to push an agenda that is clearly evil?

Is it even remotely possible that the WHO is convinced that having only a few people in the world will be good for humanity, against unobjectionable historical and contemporary evidence? Or could it be true, as Alfred, Bruce Wayne’s butler, says in the movie “The Dark Knight,” that some men just want to watch the world burn?

Update 1: A Catholic nun was arrested in Nakuru for trying to stop the forceful administration of the vaccine in her school. In a country where the freedom of conscience is enshrined in the constitution, this kind of news is pretty frightening.

Feature image: allafrica.com.

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