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If you are reading this, then you are on my new website. I know, I know. I should have told you earlier. I’m sorry. Thing is, this website creation business isn’t as simple as I thought it would be.

It took such a long time to set this mother up, I was tempted to give up a hundred and one times. That’s also why I have not written much this week. Thanks for your patience. Now that it is all set up, you can expect regular weekly posts once again.

But there’s more. With the new website, I’d like to branch out into some new areas. As you have seen, my posts have so far been mostly on topics of morality, human dignity and ethics. I am thinking of diversifying the content somewhat.

I need your help here. If there’s something you think I should cover, shoot me a quick email at hello@mathewabiero.com and I’ll see what to do about it.

I am also thinking of putting up short stories every now and then. In fact, the first new post on this website was a short story. You can check it out here. I might also serialise a novel here sometime soon. Who knows? Hang around for that. Perhaps you may want to join my email list to know when that drops.

One last thing. You may be asking yourself: what about the old website? Well, it’s still there. All the stories that were already published there before the move remain, though I have copied them over here too. I will no longer publish new articles there, unless popular demand prevails on me.

If you have been there, you will have noticed that it has reverted to its original name and paintjob, with a few tweaks to show its status and links to this side. Thing is, as I said in my first article of the year, that platform never really belonged to me. It was for a magazine I started with some friends last year. We intend to bring it back at some point in the future.

Anyway, thanks so much for dropping by. And I hope you enjoy the new site. Again, you may address any suggestions to hello@mathewabiero.com.



Feature image: Mathew Abiero.

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  1. If I’m reading this, I’m on your new website. Hehe i’m happy to be on your new website. Great job here I see. Congrats

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