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I meant to publish a different article this week. A long, convoluted and very sad piece… but I didn’t finish it in good time to put it up today. That’s despite the fact that I started writing it at the beginning of the year and that it has taken many hours of work already.

It needs more time. But I think it is close to being ready, so I might be able to put it up as my next post. However, this means I have nothing to share with you today. Yet, as I’ve been harping in my recent articles, I have my one-post-a-week commitment to fulfill, and this week is just about to die.

So, once again, I find myself in a fix. I have nothing to share, and yet I have to post something or lose 100 bob. What to do? Well, there’s a story in this situation. And the story is that I did not finish the article I meant to post on time. And that’s something worth sharing with you.

You might think that perhaps I’m losing my way, what with the last article being about essentially the same thing. All I can say in reply is, hey, this is a personal blog. There are times when I will post pieces about how things are with my process, rather than going in-depth into a substantive topic.

I am getting a little more comfortable with the idea. Expecting myself to come up with something new every week might be asking too much of myself. Yes, I certainly must make something new every now and then. And sometimes, I must have something new every time for an extended period. That’s the only way to make my writing worthwhile.

However, sustaining that kind of creativity non-stop is almost impossible, at least in my experience. Sometimes, I will have to make do with articles like the present one, where I give you a peek behind the curtain, into the darkness from which the pieces that we both enjoy every now and then arise.

So, here’s to hoping I complete the big article within a week, and that I can share it with you before the new week ends. Thanks for reading.

Feature image: Photo by Benjamin Lambert on Unsplash.

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