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What do you do when, for the third time in a row, you don’t have a substantive article to post on your blog? Do you silently let it slide, and thus avoid fulfilling your obligation to post every week? Or do you, guiltily, but even more silently, write about exactly that problem one more time?

Well, you guessed it. I choose B, like that famous wife-tired man whose video everyone has seen on WhatsApp by now. Except that, in our case, more work follows the choice, so that it isn’t exactly an easy escape. Be that as it may, here we go again, down to the bottom of another article about whose end I am as uncertain as you are.

The real cause of my present predicament is that the full-featured article I promised in my last post still isn’t ready. I didn’t get much time to work on it over the past week. Because, honestly, I overestimated my abilities to do so while travelling to, all over, and from Kisumu County.

In case you are worried that my creativity might be waning, welcome to the club. I am always worried about that. This is part of the eternal existential angst of anyone involved in the creative trades. If it’s any consolation though, I’m not panicking yet. I’ve been in much darker places and for much longer periods, creatively speaking, than what’s happening now.

I am just thankful that I can still string together words that are coherent enough to tell a story, however boring and useless that story might be. I just hope that when you check in next time, your patience will be rewarded by the big story you expected in the place of this one.

Feature image: Photo by Zac Wolff on Unsplash.

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