A deadly turn

Halfway through her coffee, she thought she heard the sound of water splashing in her bedroom

Social media apathy

Sometimes I wonder why engaging with social media feels so much like a chore for me

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The voice

Jane was shouting. She liked to say that she was born with a more powerful throat-mounted amplifier than most people. She said she got it from her mother, whose booming voice had been her most outstanding characteristic.

A little shudder

“Oh, you look so beautiful, my darling.” “Thanks, grandma. You know whose fault it is though.” “You flatter me, darling. These old bones are fit for nothing but the grave.” “I won’t have any of that talk grandma, not today. You know you’ve got centuries left in there.”

Another one

What do you do when, for the third time in a row, you don’t have a substantive article to post on your blog? Do you silently let it slide, and thus avoid fulfilling your obligation to post every week? Or do you, guiltily, but even more silently, write about exactly that problem one more time?

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The next article

Another ramble about the woes that accompany creativity

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Creative blues

I figure it isn’t too bad for me to ramble about my present predicament

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Looking back

Stopping for a moment to look back at what I have done so far doesn’t seem entirely inappropriate